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Our governor once again extended his peace time emergency another 30 days that authorizes him to continue to restrict our liberty without our consent. As with our federal government, our state is supposed to have three co-equal branches of government and must operate together for our government of the people to function fairly.

Since Spring, these powers are no longer equal. Rather, the powers have shifted entirely to state executives as a result of the mainstream media-induced irrational panic to a virus that impacts a very small subset of our population.

I understood at the beginning of the pandemic that it might have been necessary for our governor to initiate his original 30-day emergency powers since we did not know much about the virus. We did not know what impact the virus might have on our health care system or who might be at risk. We were told the emergency powers were needed to “flatten the curve” – remember that?

After 150 days under the governor’s emergency powers, we now know a lot more. We now know our heath care systems will not be inundated with patients since the virus does not cause death or serious illness to most people. We know the virus primarily impacts our elderly and those that have comorbidities but does not seriously impact healthy children or healthy adults. We now know the governor’s original estimate of 74,000 deaths and then revised estimate of roughly 23,000 deaths was/is largely inflated unless he intends to keep counting deaths from this virus for another eight to ten years.

Bottom line, we flattened the curve. And with all we know today, the governor’s emergency powers are no longer required and should have ended by now. This is an abuse of power and the legislature – both democrats and republicans coming together - should have called him out on it and ended it.

I pray that once the Legislature comes to its senses and stops the governor’s power grab, they prepare and pass new laws that limit what a governor can do in the future that restricts and/or takes away our liberties promised in our Constitution. A governor’s emergency authority is a good thing when properly exercised. But we flattened the curve and avoided having our health care systems overrun and now the governor’s emergency powers are no longer warranted.

William Markert

Prior Lake


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