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Don’t hate Trump because he is an idiot. Hate him because he is a liar and a corrupt sell-out.

I was struck by irony to see one of our local Trump supporters print the words “no rational person can deny reality." Surely she knows that Trump lies to her over a dozen times per day. Anybody who believes Trump is the one denying reality.

Reputable fact-checkers count over 13,000 lies and counting since he took office. Even Faux News opinion shows concede the man has a tendency for hyperbole (which is just a fancy word for lying). He has been caught faking things as mundane as weather reports and his golf score. How can anyone trust anything Trump ever says about something important like our economy or national security?

To paraphrase the saying, if he fools you once, shame on him. If he fools you 13,000 times, shame on you.

Don’t even get me started on all his stonewalling, witness intimidation, stall tactics, cyberbullying and obstruction of congressional oversight. What does he have to hide? If he is so innocent, why the cover-up?

Richard Keeney

Prior Lake


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