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It is a special time of year for families and friends. 2021 has been a challenging year in so many ways.

Here in Scott County we are fortunate to have volunteers, community groups and religious organizations that are focused on helping others. We also can be proud of the leadership provided by our townships, cities and Scott County to help set priorities for the coming years.

If you are passionate about housing, health care, roads and bridges, or helping the less fortunate, this is your opportunity to share your views on how to prioritize the Scott County budget and levy for 2022. On Thursday, Dec. 2 at 6 p.m., please consider joining by Zoom or in-person the formal presentation of the Scott County budget and levy for 2022. If you go to scottcountymn.gov/budget2022 you will see the 2022 proposed Scott County budget and how to connect for the call on Dec. 2.

Here in Scott County, we are fortunate to have an excellent board of commissioners and our county staff under the leadership of Lezlie Vermillion. We have developed a strong tradition of gifted leadership, continuing evaluation of needs and services, and attention to the costs of government.

Dave Unmacht, Gary Shelton and now Lezlie Vermillion have led and are leading the Scott County staff to help the board of commissioners identify and prioritize the funding for the many services provided here in Scott County. Please be part of the discussion. Let’s continue to build a compassionate and caring community for all our residents here in Scott County.

Lloyd Erbaugh

Prior Lake