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Keep Carriage Hills/Knob Hill Neighborhood at Jeffers Pond! Option C1 is the most logical option. We are just fighting to stay in our school. B1 supporters are not fighting to stay in their school, they are fighting to move to Jeffers — a school they do not go to today. The district should not let this happen.

Jeffers Pond should remain a community school. As a logical-thinking math guy, the numbers and projections for C1 make the most sense for the entire district, including Jeffers Pond. The natural boundary should be up Carriage Hills to Raven Court, which is already an established community.

C1 is the most logical, sensible option for our neighborhood and our community.

• C1 displaces the lowest amount of kids, and all schools would have the best capacity levels

• Why lift and shift two communities, which B1 squarely does?

• Our children continue to attend Jeffers Pond, their neighborhood school, the school they already attend (which the capacity numbers fully support)

• The Carriage Hills/Knob Hill neighborhood would have a far greater commute to Westwood vs. the families in the B1 scenario

• C1 would continue to allow for our students' short commute on the bus (five minutes instead of upwards of 30-40 if attending Westwood)

C1 keeps the kids that are already attending Jeffers Pond at Jeffers Pond! This is for the best of our students, families and the Prior Lake community.

Mike Wolle

Prior Lake


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