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The author of the letter in the Prior Lake American titled “Biased reporting needs to stop” did an excellent job exposing biased reporting with his very biased editorial. The disconnect between the title and his commentary was so conspicuous and so extensive that I assume it was a spoof to illustrate the shallow understanding some have regarding current events.

If it was not meant as a spoof, one has to question the legitimacy and integrity of his news source. It's obliviously not mainstream media! It appears to be directly from a source that interprets the news and spoon-feeds a particular narrative to its viewers.

The viewers readily accept these narratives with their half-truths, lies and conspiracy theories (propaganda) without question. These viewers become what I consider propagandists, spreading a politically biased narrative that they were led to believe to be true even if it defies common sense, logic or known facts. For example:

1: The writer states, “Democrats and partisan national press wasted tens of millions of dollars on investigating Russia collusion” in the 2016 presidential elections. This investigation lasted almost two years, costing roughly $32 million, and resulted in over two dozen Russians with close ties to the Kremlin, indicted for interfering in our elections.

The investigation also led to the indictment, conviction and imprisonment of several of Trump's top campaign aids for various charges ranging from lying to the FBI, obstructing justice and intimidating witnesses relating to their contacts with the Russians. Compare that to Republican investigations into Clinton, which lasted four and a half years, costing taxpayers almost $80 million — adjusting for inflation, over $120 million — to uncover Clinton's extra-marital affairs.

2: The writer states, ”the Obama Administration withheld a billion dollars in aid until the Ukrainian government fired a prosecutor because Biden disapproved of the Ukrainian prosecutor.” Not true!

Biden was the point person working for the U.S. government on bipartisan government policy, in conjunction with our European allies, the International Monetary Fund, the Ukrainian economic minster and local Ukrainian activists to pressure the Ukrainian government to remove Shokin from the Prosecutor General's Office for failing to investigate corruption. Biden threatened to withhold aid; Trump withheld aid to Ukraine.

If you want to divide, lie. If you want to unite, seek the truth, read widely, go to the various fact-checking sites and reputable news organizations that report, not interpret, the news. When others interpret the news for you, you are receiving propaganda. Once an individual has succumbed to political propaganda, they will be controlled by it and believe a lie is truth and truth, a lie. They will parrot what they have been told without question, and no amount of factual information will change their beliefs.

If you believe fact-checkers are biased, your mind has already been taken over by the propagandists. You are now living in an echo chamber, dangled like puppets to spread propaganda, to further divide America, communities, friends and family.

Glen Weber

Prior Lake


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