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I have a few questions in response to the Aug. 29 letter to the editor, titled "Focus on facts, not fear." When did we start considering the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions not part of the "general population?" When did almost 2,000 deaths in the state and over 180,000 deaths in the country become acceptable? Is it easier to disregard those deaths by suggesting that those that have died are not a part of the "general population?" Why are the lessons of history and science not important?

If a person is diagnosed with cancer and they ask their doctor, “what are my chances of survival?” Does the doctor take into consideration the population of the state, country, or world? No, they look at both the number of deaths and the number of people who have recovered from that type of cancer. If we want to run those numbers just for Minnesota with the COVID-19 data, it is higher than 0.03%. Much higher.

Taking something seriously does not mean that you are living in fear. The suggestion of taking strong measures to help us not repeat history and get a highly contagious virus under control is not fear-mongering or even an attempt at driving readership. It is looking at the information we have and trying to find a way forward. A way to get back to some sense of normalcy while we wait for “antibiotics, antivirals, modern medical devices and clinical practices” to catch up since this is a novel coronavirus.

Everyone should be able to live their best life, including those who are elderly or have underlying health conditions. I sincerely hope that if people are going to live their best life, that that includes looking out for their neighbor.

Jennifer Gauwitz

Prior Lake


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