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Dear Minnesotans, when are we all going to wake up and realize the permanent damage being caused to our state’s economy by the continuation of the governor’s draconian measures that attempt to eradicate a virus?

COVID-19, like any other virus, cannot be fully prevented or eliminated by restricting businesses and mandating masks. What is the end game here? The governor keeps moving the goal posts. You can never claim victory if you do not know what victory looks like. If victory is eradicating this virus, then we are destined to lose since there is no virus that I am aware of that ever gets 100% eliminated. Rather, we learn to live with it and manage it; and for those at risk, they protect themselves while herd immunity takes place over time.

It seems our governor, his administration and his liberal supporters want to damage the life we once enjoyed rather than let us control our own lives and risks we face. Write or call the governor, as I have done many times, and remind him that our constitution demands that governance is derived from the people, and that we are governed, not ruled.

And for those in favor of keeping restrictions in place, consider this. The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and Hospitality Minnesota published a survey indicating that if restrictions are not lifted in the next 4-6 months, 52% of Minnesota’s restaurants and foodservice businesses will close permanently. That percentage grows to 70% if no changes are made in the next 6-12 months. Many more thousands will lose their jobs unless these useless mandated restrictions are not lifted.

There is also another data point you should consider regarding the governor's mask mandate. The mandate was made in late July when COVID-19 cases were averaging about 4,600 per week. During the last few weeks of September, COVID-19 cases reported in the state had averaged around 7,000 per week. Please, for the love of reason, can someone please show me how mask mandates in this state have helped lower the number of cases or deaths? There are no studies that show they help prevent cases or deaths that I am aware of, even though politicians and the media constantly say they do without providing any data to back up the claim.

Bottom line, it seems many people throughout this state and country based on their actions and words want to see our way of life devastated. They want us to rely on the government for our health protection rather than letting us manage our own risks — which we have done since the beginning of time. When are they going to realize the significant damage they are causing to our economy and the livelihoods of so many? And do not get me started on the horrible damage we are inflicting on our children by instituting idiotic policies that keep them out of school for a virus that doesn’t affect 99.99% of them.

William Markert

Prior Lake