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During this temporary time of road construction in the city of Prior Lake, it is important that we support our local business. Lunds & Byerlys (Lunds) is not just a grocery store in Prior Lake. It’s a store that represents the values of our community and incorporates many members of that community as wonderful employees.

I went to Lunds the other day to pick up a few items, and I took note of employee demographics. Lunds has quite a diverse workforce with employees that ranged in age from teenagers to seniors.

I wondered about the impact the ongoing road construction has had not only on the store revenue itself, but how it has and continues to affect the employees and even employee morale. My answer came quickly. If the ongoing construction had any ill effects, you couldn’t tell by their demeanor and interaction with customers. Each of them were pleasant, polite and extremely helpful … in other words, business as usual.

If you are feeling the inconvenience of navigating to get to Lunds or any of the South Lake Village business, please consider the impact your decision may have on the wonderful employees of these establishments when you decide where to stop for your groceries. It is important that we continue to support these local businesses during what may be difficult times.

Come grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the friendliness of the employees at Lunds. Lunds is a community-serving business that supports Prior Lake activities and other business. I encourage you to make the effort to shop at Lunds and enjoy the causal encounters with other locals, friends and family while picking up your milk and bread.

Annie Sheehan-Kerber

Prior Lake


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