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The school boundaries have been a contentious subject over the past few months, with a tremendous amount of community discussion with the school board on the options that have been put forth.

From the B1/C1/C4 options, one truly stands out from an optimization perspective for both capacity and utilization across all of the elementary schools. That option is C1. This option allows for less transportation time, which should account for lower transportation costs and reduced traffic congestion; better capacity numbers for future development in all areas of Prior Lake & Savage as well as maintaining the in-district children's displacement numbers low (which should be the school board's ultimate objective); and allows for better utilization of open-enrollment across all elementary schools.

The other options seem to be more of a patchwork of gerrymandering in order to maintain a lower level of utilization at some schools but do not address the future growth capacity issues that most schools will face from a five- to eight-year economic growth trend or the impact that these options would have on increased traffic congestion and higher transportation costs.

Additionally, there has been significant community input on possible further proposals or options on these elementary school boundaries that may offer better, more long-term sustainable capacity and utilization for our elementary schools.

I urge the school board members to revive this discussion and apply further due diligence from an option standpoint. If that is not a possibility, then the best option to move forward would be C1.

Kyle Nannenga

Prior Lake


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