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I'd like address a misunderstanding that was taken away from the last Prior Lake-Savage Area School Board meeting regarding options B1 and C1 as part of the school boundary change. Many people were there from a couple neighborhoods pushing for C1. Many I talked to came away thinking that many more kids were being pushed to a further away school in these neighborhoods (Carriage Hills/Knob Hill). This is simply not true. The other neighborhood represented (Northwood Meadows) has many more kids impacted that will be forced to travel further to school, causing added drive times and meaningful inconveniences for families. This can be seen in the percent capacity projections. The Carriage Hills/Knob Hill neighborhoods are more mature and don't have nearly as high of an elementary aged population.

I think many people came away misled about this point. I don't want any children negatively impacted, but the numbers impacted should mean something as well if a decision has to be made. I hope the board considers this fact when making a decision.

With that said, I truly believe the best solution for the community is to include Carriage Hills/Knob Hill/Northwood Meadows all in Jeffers Pond, allowing all three to remain at the closest school option. It appears this is more than achievable within desired capacity numbers. Open enrollment can then be adjusted accordingly.

Joe Zeck

Prior Lake


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