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After last night's board meeting, I am more convinced than ever that C1 is the only school boundary plan that results in a legally valid boundary. The reasons are as follows:

1. All the allegations surrounding the Open Meetings Act and the lack of fruitful discussion on the part of the board, including admissions that conversations have happened elsewhere.

2. The arbitrary and capricious boundaries that result from B1 and C4. To use the board's term, B1 and C4 utilize janky boundaries, especially compared to the current boundaries of the Jeffers school district.

3. The lack of continuity between B1 and C4 and the existing school district lines. C1 is the plan that disrupts the fewest in terms of moving neighborhoods and therefore provides the most continuity. The eastern border of the Jeffers district does not need to move — it’s clear someone wants it to move, but in the interest of continuity, public policy requires as little disruption as possible.

4. The disparate effects on the community as a whole as it relates to transportation. This is likely the most significant legal problem, as it requires all neighborhoods Trillium Cove and westward to bypass their current school and drive through downtown and across Highway 13 to attend Westwood under B1 and C4.

It displaces more people than strictly necessary with no discernable benefits to the community as a whole! The only benefit is to a select few who have the ear of the board and who want to attend Jeffers at the expense of moving an entire existing Jeffers community. Catering to special interests violates the board's duty to the public at large and is an offensive breach of said duties.

When considering these factors on an overall balancing scale, it is very likely B1 and C4 would be held invalid. Even if they were found valid, a protracted lawsuit on this issue would financially devastate the district’s pocketbook and prolong the implementation of the new boundaries.

I implore the board to research these legal issues further before ushering through B1 or C4 in a such a cloak-and-dagger manner. These lawsuits persist around the country, and some have existed in our own state. Nobody wants to fight this in a legal manner if it can be avoided, so it is absolutely necessary that C1 be adopted and implemented, as it is the only legally viable option.


Jenna Hanson

Prior Lake


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