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There is a bill on the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives called Comprehensive Sex Education, HF 358, it will change the way schools teach sex education.

The bill language itself sounds rather benign. However, if you research the groups behind the bill, their impression of appropriate sex education and what has been done in other states that have passed K-12 comprehensive sex education, the dangerous and child-damaging details are revealed.

Former Planned Parenthood sex educator Monica Cline once wrote in the Washington Examiner (Sept. 5, 2019) that she was taught to “view your audience as if they have done it all and then teach them how to do it safer.” By breaking down children’s “natural inhibitions” and reducing sex to a “recreational activity.”

Planned Parenthood is one of the main forces pushing this bill. CSE will remove the natural and protective boundaries for children and teens, encouraging early sexual exploration in graphic detail. One recommended teaching book uses pornographic illustrations and graphic descriptions to teach children as young as 10 that all “consensual” sexual activity is their “right.” It teaches kids how to “consent” to sex, masturbate, experience climax, promote multiple sexual orientations and gender identities, and how to have “safe” vaginal, oral and anal sex. Look it up, “It’s Perfectly Normal” by Robie H. Harris, and see what you think.

According to the FBI, sexual predators “groom” children with pornographic images and explicit sexual instructions to remove natural defenses. Planned Parenthood calls this “education” and says it’s perfectly normal.

As a volunteer with ACT (Anti Child Trafficking) United, we teach children in grades 1-5 how to be safe while using the internet and help them avoid child predators. Middle-schoolers and high school age students are taught the dangers of sexting, sextortion and predator grooming behaviors. Some of the grooming tactics include adults exposing children to sexual imagery, pornography and having conversations about sexual activities. With the CSE bill and proposed curriculum, a predator’s job is half done when we normalize sharing sexual images and conversations between adults and children.

Parents need to be aware of the truth about this disturbing bill. Do your research and don’t let them tell you it is something different than what it really is. To have your voice heard you can contact the authors of the CSE bill by emailing them at the Minnesota House of Representatives. Representative Lippert, Morris, Mann, Youakin, Kunesh- Ponder, Frieberg, Olson, Bierman, and Schultz. Use google to find their email addresses.

Annette Thompson

Prior Lake City Councilmember