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I am a white male and have no control over that. I inherited nothing in life other than what my parents taught me including being decent to people and using common sense. I made the right decisions in my life. I have had a successful marriage and raised successful children through hard work. I put myself through college, had a successful career and am now in the early years of my retirement. I have a request for all those people, corporations, political affiliations, media, etc., who today tell me I have too much privilege and/or that I am inherently or unconsciously biased toward others. Please judge me for my actions. Do not judge me by the actions of others that might share my skin color, race, creed, etc. I respect and treat all individuals fairly and equally and expect others to respect me and treat me fairly and equally. I did not own slaves nor suppressed any other human being. Do not push down guilt on me for the actions of others that I could not control then and cannot control now. Said another way, I can’t control bad people’s actions as much as I can control the actions that you take. If you want to protest, then do it. But don’t expect me to get on board with what you are protesting if I don't share the same ideology.

William Markert 

Prior Lake



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