Letters to the editor (coffee cup)

I moved to Prior Lake 11 years ago because it was a nice, quiet place with good schools. The longer drive to work didn't bother me because I was trying to get away from the bigger cities that were congested and overly populated.

When I moved here, I was able to enjoy my quiet retreat for a few years. However, in the past three or four years, the traffic volume, traffic noise, overbuilt areas, clear cutting for more expansion, increased crime and the constant congestion (with minimal services) is the exact opposite of why I moved my family here. The road noise from county roads 42 and 21 is so loud that from my backyard fire pit, it sounds like I live next to a major interstate, and I'm over a block away from the road with homes behind me.

The city clear cut many of the existing trees along the major roads and expanded the lanes. The lake is so crowded during weekends and holidays that it isn't safe. My vet has advisory notices not to let pets go in the lake because they may get sick. And the taxes keep increasing.

The city needs better growth planning, noise control and traffic management. If the city is trying to attract more businesses and families to move to Prior Lake, then they need to make it a place that contrasts other suburbs as a clean, nice place to live - like it used to be.

Mary Frantz

Prior Lake