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I remember Lakefront Days and even Dairy Lake Days royalty that traveled to other area community celebrations every year to show how wonderful Prior Lake was. When marching bands from around the metro would come to perform and compete in our parade that lasted for several hours, along with their royalty riding on large decorative floats showing their community pride. We used to wait all summer for our chance to celebrate living in Prior Lake. What happened? The events seem to get less and less each year.

People would come from around the area for a movie in the park, water ski show, all-year class reunion, fire department bucket brigades and water fights, talent show, tug-of-war championships, street dance, car cruise, motorcycle cruise, entertainment, carnival, fireworks, and lots more!

All of it ... gone!

The comments I overheard at Wheels & Heels were brutal. That the static parade was nothing more than a business expo with lots of candy, that a very popular and well-liked Chamber of Commerce member was removed for making comments about the lack of any activities this year, why Main Avenue can be closed for the Home Business Showcase every Saturday morning but not for a parade that celebrates our hometown. How disappointing.

News flash: County Road 21 gets closed every year for the parade route, anyways! It could have gone down the short stretch of Pleasant Street, one of the most beautiful, historic and tree-covered streets in our downtown area before turning onto Main, avoiding the Duluth/21 intersection construction completely. Now that's hometown pride worth celebrating!

Perhaps next year Lakefront Days will be held on the internet.

So much for our “small-town feel.” From what I heard, there's a growing number of people that want our small town back! Maybe we just don't have anything in Prior Lake to celebrate anymore?

I think its time for a change at the chamber.

Kevin Busse

Prior Lake


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