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“It always seems impossible until it is done.” –Nelson Mandela

Dear Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools administrators, faculty and staff,

In the midst of all the hard work and uncertainty, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary efforts you are putting forth to serve the students and families of our district. Even a few short weeks ago, we could not have predicted the situation at hand. Even the best preparedness plans could not have fully outlined the steps you are now taking to lead our district, our community, through these trying times.

We know so much is being asked of you. We know so many are relying on you. Every single one of you is playing a role in how we move forward. From staff who make district-wide decisions to faculty who are adapting to new ways to educate, to custodians who are working diligently to protect everyone through their extra efforts — each and every one of you has risen to the occasion and exceeded all possible expectations.

In our own homes and community, we pick up on the fear, uncertainty, disappointment and even anger in the people around us. These are all valid reactions. However, in your leadership, and in seeing the responses from the families you are serving, we have discovered in you professionalism, courage, compassion and, most importantly, hope.

You are lighting the candle by which our families are finding their way forward. We see the comments on social media from parents who are so grateful to staff who are reaching out to students with reassurance and smiles, working long hours and offering organized and calming strategies. The videos being shared are powerful.

We see you in action greeting families as they pull up in their cars to get student belongings. We sing along as the music teachers play the school song. We listen as early childhood educators post videos of story time or singing. There are too many examples to mention, and for each we are so grateful.

Certainly the PLSAS staff rises to the occasion every single day. The pandemic is not something that magically made you exceptional — you already were. But the magnitude of this latest challenge has tested everyone in ways that could not have been imagined, and your actions have made such a difference. Thank you for how you are supporting each other — sharing resources, listening both to each other’s fears and new ideas, spending late hours together making tough decisions and continuing to show up as a team to greet what each new hour brings and respond as needed.

We are PLSAS. Relationships do matter. Please know that we as a board are incredibly grateful to you. Thank you for doing seemingly impossible things.


The Board of Directors of the Prior Lake-Savage School District


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