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I’m a firm believer that this page is no place for criticizing local businesses and have even said so, but I feel like I have to vent about our local newspaper and their disgusting cover story about the Fourth of July holiday being “tinged with sadness over government actions towards immigrants." It goes on and on about immigrants' hopes and dreams being infringed upon, referencing actual legal immigrants who did it the right way and then saying all immigrants should be afforded the same opportunities, all while never once differentiating legal immigrants from illegal immigrants (In fact, they never used the word “illegal” once at all in the article). We are a country with borders. Our government is not taking actions towards those here legally, only those who are trying subvert our laws. Shame on you for this disgusting divisive piece of “journalism,” PLA.

P.S. As a local business owner for 35 years, I will no longer be advertising with your liberal rag.

Dave Bergeron

Prior Lake


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