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The Dave Granlund cartoon about our president on the opinion page was tasteless and pushed me to write this letter. Poking fun at political figures is generally accepted, but this paper chooses an extreme liberal bias in choosing to print cartoons and generally against this president. I would appreciate if there was at least some balance and the editor chose to filter some of these more offensive cartoons.

These are choices the editor makes when assembling the content of the paper. I suggest business owners who advertise make a choice also. Make your voice heard and choose another advertising medium if there are not changes. It does not matter which side is in office, there should be some decorum in our local paper.

This paper has been accused of censoring conservative letter to the editor writers, and that is also wrong. I suggest that as the election cycle heats up, that at least the paper try to be neutral, or rename it the Prior Lake Liberal.

Allen Soderbeck

Spring Lake Township


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