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A recent letter writer is wrong in proposing that our country needs to be “separated” because some of the rest of us (including the majority in Minnesota) do not live in the Trump cult world of alternate facts.

The Supreme Court’s dismissal of Texas v. Pennsylvania on “standing” is not a mere technicality. Any true conservative would appreciate the importance of federalism and the sovereign rights of the many states. Only a faux-conservative Trump believer would abandon such a core conservative principle and attempt to trounce on states’ rights for the sake of stealing an election.

Beyond that Constitutional hurdle, the Texas case was entirely without merit. Void of evidence, it was supported by nothing but conjecture and illogical statistical arguments already proven false. There is no credible evidence of widespread fraud or that any elections were in any way unfair. Trump and Biden voters both had equal access to mail-in voting.

Texas (and its federally-indicted, pardon-fishing attorney general) exceeded its own over-rated hubris in attacking the other states and attempting to suppress real people’s votes from being counted. Thank goodness our government power is distributed across the many states to guard against such an authoritarian power grab.

Our country is already “separated” into 50 sovereign states. Those who like the way they do things in Texas better than Minnesota can move to Texas.

Richard Keeney

Prior Lake