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The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken more of an upbeat turn over the past several months due to the successful vaccination rates and some areas even here in Minnesota are approaching 70% with shot and 60% are fully vaccinated. As a result, most restrictions have been lifted including statewide mask mandates, capacity limits, etc.

I feel there is one last thing that needs to be lifted. The governor’s peacetime emergency powers have gone on for over one year now. The governor’s emergency powers were only supposed to temporary, not a permanent renewal every thirty days.

We need to return to the normal legislative process that our state and nation were founded on. Emergency powers were not intended for the executive branch to rule unilaterally for long periods of time.

It reminds me of what I read in history about Ancient Rome. In Rome, they had a leader that used emergency powers in times of war or upheaval for up to two years. Those individuals were called “dictators.” Dictators later became synonymous with people who held long-term unilateral powers.

The State of Minnesota does not need a dictator short-term or long-term. Our state was founded on the values of democratically elected officials working together to address the problems of the day. I agree with the State Senate GOP — there should not be a budget until Governor Walz gives up the peacetime emergency powers. No governor should weld unilateral powers and circumvent the process to achieve his or her agenda.

Enough is enough with a one-man state. I urge our state senators and state representatives to stand their ground on this issue.

Josh D. Ondich

Prior Lake