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The Jan. 30 column by Tim Reckmeyer on the Carbon Dividend Act reminds me again, the importance of doing “what I can” to better our environment for the future. As a grandfather, I often wonder what type of world my grandchildren will be living in when they reach my age of 76 and that motivates me.

The Carbon Dividend Act has significant bipartisan support in Congress, but needs help from us as citizens to get it across the finish line, and as the column indicates, individuals and companies would be responsible for their carbon footprint.

In addition, all Americans will receive a carbon dividend, which will insulate up to 70 percent of Americans from potential energy cost increases. I always enjoy getting my yearly Costco dividend statement and I see an analogy with how the Carbon Dividend Act would affect me and knowing I am doing “what I can” to improve the environment for my grandchildren.

John Enstad

Prior Lake