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After the 2016 election, Donald Trump abdicated his duty to defend our country from foreign election interference. Of course he did, because he was the beneficiary of the interference. He was motivated to obstruct the investigation, and he arguably did in at least 10 instances detailed by the special prosecutor.

Trump then openly bragged he would accept foreign interference again. It now comes out that in that secretive meeting in the White House back in 2017, Trump told the Russians they were welcome to keep interfering. As a result, Russia will be interfering in our elections again (They already are). Vladimir Putin literally laughs about it to our face.

Doubling down on his sell-out strategy, Trump has been secretly pressuring other foreign leaders to help his campaign: for example, the arms-for-dirt scheme where, in his own transcript, Trump is caught extorting the president of Ukraine for dirt (arguably false dirt) on Trump’s personal political rivals.

When caught, what does our traitor-in-chief do? He goes on live TV and openly invites fascist China to also invade our elections.

Do we want to be a nation governed in our own interests by fair elections among ourselves? Or do we want to ruled by a corrupt puppet beholden to fascist dictators and oligarchs?

Those supporting or excusing Traitor-Trump are helping him betray our country, be it intentionally or as unwitting victims of his alternative-facts propaganda. I call on the real patriots among us to drop partisan bickering and fight Traitor-Trump’s selling out of our country as the urgent national security concern it truly is.

Richard Keeney

Prior Lake


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