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A Jan. 23 letter to the editor claims without proof that censorship by social media companies like Facebook and Twitter is one-sided, presumably favoring liberals.

An analysis by Politico in October found that Trump and his supporters have dominated those spaces with right-wing social commentary being shared sometimes as much as 10 times more often than posts by liberals and Democrats. If there is one-sidedness, it seems to cut in the letter-writer’s favor.

The writer goes on to suggest that banning an individual from companies like Twitter is equivalent to the actions taken by totalitarian states to silence dissent. This is far from true.

Donald Trump was banned from posting on Twitter, a private company, not by the U.S. government. And this was done only after the Jan. 6 uprising — for violating policies against inciting violence, which all Twitter users agree to in advance.

Trump has not been banned from speaking his mind by the U.S. government. He simply can’t use Twitter to do it.

The letter writer says he welcomes constructive rebuttals. I hope he will give this one some thought.

Charlene Burck

Credit River