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Actions by most congressional Republicans indicate a total disregard for Americans and defending the Constitution, our democracy, from becoming an oligarchy.

Republican politicians overwhelmingly passed massive tax cuts benefiting mainly the wealthiest 10% of Americans who currently own 69.8% of total U.S. net worth. The wealth of the top 1.3 million Americans exceeds the total of the 130 million who make up the middle class.

Republican lawmakers resist any gun reform laws to reduce the carnage in our country due to gun violence. Over 115,000 people are shot every year in America; 21,000 homicides according to the FBI and costing our economy over $229 billion.

Of the 265 congressional Republicans, only one Republican voted with Democrats in December to raise the debt limit to prevent a catastrophic financial disaster that would have negatively affected every American.

Throughout 2021, Republican politicians resisted and undermined every attempt to control a contagious pandemic which killed over 823,000 Americans, negatively impacting our economy, national unity, mental health, children's education, health care system and driving up the cost of food, gas, consumer goods etc.

Only 32 of the 265 congressional Republicans voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to fix our crumbling roads and bridges, upgrade our airports, seaports, mass transit and rail system. It provided for safe drinking water, broadband upgrades, improvements to the power grid, created jobs and addressed climate change issues.

None of the 265 congressional Republicans support the Build Back Better Act, which provides funding for universal pre-K education, reduces the cost of child and health care, expands affordable home care for seniors and disabled, combats climate change and so much more.

147 of 215 Republican House members voted against certifying Biden's election victory, circumventing the will of the voters and the peaceful transfer of power.

Senate Republicans blocked creating an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6, 2021 violent, deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol and attempted coup.

Only two out of 215 Republican House members voted to form a select committee to investigate the attempted overthrow of our democracy by elected Republican politicians and thousands of their supporters on Jan. 6, 2021.

Of the 215 Republicans House members, only one voted to pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act which addresses presidential abuse of power, reinforces the checks and balances between branches of government and protects our election process etc.

Not a single Republican supported the Freedom To Vote Act while 19 Republican-led states passed voter suppression and election nullification laws designed to insure their own preferred candidate wins.

Congressional Republicans who supported an investigation of the treasonous coup attempt on Jan. 6, 2021 or support major legislation benefiting American society are reprimanded, ostracized, called traitors, socialists, RINO's by fellow Republicans and receive death threats.

No democracy survived treasonous and terroristic attacks by elected officials at the highest levels of government, right-wing media and zealous supporters desiring an oligarchy; neither will America.

Glen Weber

Prior Lake