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A brand new school is so exciting — everything is shiny, clean and bright! Yet, many people don’t realize that a new school still needs items like playground equipment and outdoor learning items, as usually these are items that are built or purchased after students and staff have settled in a bit. Many playgrounds are built in phases that last several years.

The Hamilton Ridge PTC is so grateful for the support of our families and friends who recently exceeded our direct donation drive goal of $25,000. We will use this money to build a gaga ball pit, buy basketball hoops, purchase outdoor learning equipment and more. We can even get started yet this school year, so our outgoing fifth graders can enjoy the playground before they head to middle school.

It’s been an unprecedented year, and we truly understand the financial challenges that so many of our families have or are still facing. Yet, our donation drive was a true success. It is a true testament to the wonderful people who make Hamilton Ridge a home for tremendous families, staff and students. Now, who’s up for a basketball game?

Jessica Olstad

Hamilton Ridge PTC Board President