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It is refreshing to have a woman seek a key leadership position in Prior Lake. We have so many business owners, community leaders and active residents who represent well a woman's perspective in our community. Now we can elect Kim Churchill to our city council. She will share her years of leadership experience on city boards, private and public school committees and community groups in so many different areas. We would all benefit from her perspective on housing, family and healthcare issues, parks, business engagement and community development.

Kim Churchill accepts every opportunity to dig in and give her best. She encourages others to speak up, share their opinions and help craft resolutions that address the concerns of residents of all ages. She will help bring students, single-parent families and people of all points of view, ethnic backgrounds and economic status into the discussion about how best to move Prior Lake forward. She has put in the hard work, has attended meetings, knows the people, policies and procedures and is ready to serve our community.

Let's join together and add a capable woman in this leadership role; vote Kim Churchill for Prior Lake City Council.

Lloyd Erbaugh

Prior Lake


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