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I encourage everyone to vote on Nov. 3rd, and at our local level would like to see Kevin Burkart retain his seat with the Prior Lake City Council. Kevin has a big heart, his passion and selfless acts within our community as well as his philanthropic ways are immeasurable.

At a Prior Lake Rotary meeting over 10 years ago, Kevin spoke of his non-profit he started called Perfect Jumps for Parkinson's. He challenged himself to set a record for jumps out of an airplane to raise money to fight Parkinson's Disease inspired by his father's diagnosis. At that time, Kevin caught my undivided attention as it hit home as my wife's uncle, Carlo, had just been diagnosed with the same. Everyone could feel Kevin's passion as he (and we) choked back tears and while he spoke, I looked throughout the crowd and there was not a dry eye.

Years later, after having a life-changing snowmobile accident which brought paralysis to his left arm, Kevin not only kept jumping for Parkinson's (with one arm), but this also fueled he and his wife Laura to start yet another non-profit organization called "Shockwaves Adaptive Ski Squad" which is for physically and mentally challenged people to experience the joy of watersports.

Kevin gives back, shows up and is always prepared. He has proven to be a diligent representative for Prior Lake at local, state and national levels seeking infrastructure, transportation and transit funding. Kevin takes pride in being fiscally conservative by finding innovative and measurable ways to improve our government. He is ever-cognizant of growth in local government versus family budgets. His successful career as an entrepreneur, as well as his selfless acts of service, prove that he deserves to be reelected as one of our Prior Lake Council Members.

Kevin is an excellent listener, takes everything into perspective, does what makes sense, but the one thing I admire most about Kevin is that he doesn't "side step" and tells it like it is.

Thane D. Tande

Prior Lake


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