Letter to editor stock photo — pen to paper

We all live in Credit River because we like it here. Our town board has done such an excellent job of protecting our lifestyle. We had to become a city, and it has been in the planning stage for 10 years, to prevent adjoining cities from annexing our land and eliminating Credit River.

There will be an election on May 11 to establish a new city council. We need to elect our current board members to this city council to protect the Credit River lifestyle we love. There are various people running for mayor and council that have never been to a town board meeting.

We need to elect Christ Kostik for mayor and LeRoy Schommer and Brent Lawrence for the four-year terms and Alan Novak and Paul Howe for the two-year terms.

We want to make sure those who have not shown an interest in the township do not get elected and want to make major changes. There will be another election in two years during which the "newcomers" can get involved and up to date on the whishes of the residents of Credit River.

Carolyn Schulte

Prior Lake