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This election is unlike any in our school district's history. With the COVID crisis and a deeply divided community, we need to ensure all voices in our district are heard. I am writing this letter of support for JB Davis III because he is exactly the person we need to represent families, teachers, staff, community members and most of all, students.

Test scores in Prior Lake Savage Area Schools have been in decline for four years, yet JB Davis is the only candidate talking about academic rigor and making a commitment to high academic achievement. He believes in holding students to high standards, helping those who need additional attention and using technology and innovation to achieve better results.

The district is working through a recent $3.2 million deficit and cutting of 11 frontline teachers. This terrible situation cannot be blamed entirely on the COVID crisis. While others running for school board are talking about spending more money and expanding non-critical programs, JB Davis plans to use his experience managing multi-million dollar budgets to turn the fiscal ship around. His unique business experience and ability to rally teams to success will be an asset to the board.

As a member of the board for the last six years, I have experienced first-hand the breakdown in progress when members band together and shut down individual thought. This election is critical to the future of our district. We need to elect directors who have the best interest of all students at the forefront of their focus and who have the financial expertise to dig us out of the multi-million dollar hole where we currently sit. Let's raise the bar and choose JB for school board.

Melissa Enger

Prior Lake