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It is my pleasure to support Kim Churchill in her bid for Prior Lake City Council. I have known Kim for eight years as we both served on the Scott County Local Area Council on Mental Health. Kim has been a great contributor, a critical thinker and thoughtful in her comments and advice.

Kim’s contributions include how to facilitate a Scott County Crisis Center, the newly dedicated Intensive Residential Services Center and her professional advice on key mental health issues within Scott County.

I fully endorse Kim for her dedication, her willingness to listen to diverse opinions and her thoughtful communications no matter who she is working with. Kim is also a visionary and sees opportunities where others often do not see possibilities. Kim has and will contribute with thought provoking ideas that respect others while creating win-win solutions.

I believe her skills, as I have experienced them, will make her a great city council member. She will always consider the needs of others and will work to find viable solutions that supports the citizens of Prior Lake. I am confident her critical thinking will promote solutions that work to better the community while being fair to others.

I believe Kim will make a sincere and dedicated contribution to the city of Prior Lake.

John Stadler

Apple Valley


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