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My wife and I moved to Prior Lake four years ago because we appreciated the sense and spirit of community. It is a lovely city with many opportunities for families and we cherish the friendships we’ve made here.

Lee Hacklander is running in the special election for Prior Lake City Council. Lee is a hard-working attorney who is very thoughtful, thorough and trustworthy. He understands that our community is experiencing a great deal of change that accompanies significant growth. The pandemic, with its restrictions and changes to all of our lives, presents continued challenges for our community.

We know that Lee is an active solution-seeker, and he respects others and others’ viewpoints. He truly wants to understand other perspectives and where someone is coming from. Lee is a skilled communicator who appreciates the value of listening, especially in those who represent us in elected positions. If he doesn’t know the answer to something, he’ll tell you, and then he’ll follow up with you as promised after he’s researched and gathered more information.

Lee wants to see us continue the important work of growing our businesses throughout the community and enhancing our downtown to make it even more vibrant and inviting. Lee believes in financial responsibility and accountability. He strongly believes in transparency and wants people to understand and engage in the issues and decisions before us.

We have a great deal of respect for Lee, and we fully support him. We’re voting for Lee Hacklander for city council.

Mark & Jessica Pexa

Prior Lake


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