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In the June 4, 2020 edition of the Prior Lake American, editor Dan Holtmeyer asked each Minnesota congressional candidate their thoughts and position regarding “police policy changes." Again, our Republican representative and candidate for House District 55B Tony Albright didn't comment. In fact, we the public, rarely hear any policy statements from Mr. Albright especially when the subjects are of health care, the environment, and other pressing social issues.

To my knowledge and some web searching, I found zero instances of a town hall meeting making him publicly available for questions for anyone outside of his right wing base since elected in 2012. My question is “Where’s Tony?” and does he serve all residents of this district?

I am supporting DFL candidate Andrea Nelsen, MD this November. She will be visible and available to all the citizens of 55B to discuss issues and legislation.

It’s time to “Put a Doctor in the House." 

Doug Fontaine

Prior Lake 


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