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The differences between the Democratic and Republican conventions were clear. Democrats presented plans to address our nation's challenges including the biggest one, global warming, while Republicans presented no plans. Trump as reported by the Star Tribune, Washington Post, New York Times and other sources spewed lies and exaggerations. Trump's biggest lie is that global warming is a hoax, because it is our biggest threat. Extreme heat events, droughts, fires, huge rainfalls, flooding, stronger hurricanes, tornadoes and rising oceans will increasingly cost more lives and money than anything else. An article in “Time” in August, reported that recent National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that, if left unchecked, climate change could drive temperatures up to the point, by the end of the century, where more lives are lost by climate change than are currently killed by all infectious diseases across the globe. Global warming is increasing migration and social disruption.

So who am I to talk about global warming? I started the Scott County Environmental Health Department in 1978, to protect the environment in Scott County. Back then, everyone supported protecting the environment. Republican President Nixon created the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 and Republican Governor Harold LeVander and a Republican Legislature created the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in 1967. Trump's version of the Republican Party has been dismantling environmental protections with no consideration for the science that established their need to protect public health and the environment.

I started the County Newsletter The “SCENE” in 1989 to inform and engage citizens. I first wrote about the threat of global warming in 1990. Dr. James Hansen, then Director of NASA's Goddard Science Unit, warned congress about global warming in 1988. When I retired from Scott County in 2014, it was obvious to all world leaders and major scientific organizations that global warming, caused by human released green house gases, was the biggest threat since human life on this planet. Elected officials were taking action at all levels and cooperating with other nations. Then came Trump, who ignores advice from scientists, (or any experts) and is reversing progress made by previous administrations. Trump is the biggest threat to life on this planet!

Trump looks backward to a world that no longer exists rather than face the challenges of the future. That can only result in more catastrophes, for which we as a nation are ill prepared. A study led by Dr. James Hansen and international experts cited in an article in “Business Insider” reported that “by continuing to delay significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, we risk handing young people alive today a bill of up to US $535 trillion.” Trump is sacrificing their future for campaign donations from greedy fossil fuel barons. Democrats have a plan that will address climate change and stimulate our economy. Who do you care about, fossil fuel barons or our children?

Allen Frechette 



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