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My husband and I are voting yes on the upcoming technology levy simply because it's a no-brainer. The word "technology" covers a broad range of things, not just computers and iPads. While that is a significant portion — because students need working devices — technology covers safety items that keep our kids protected at school, like cameras and ID-checking systems.

Technology also covers the tools in the classrooms that teachers need to teach — smart boards, sound amplification systems and projectors. It also covers stronger bandwidth so the internet doesn't go out when kids and staff are in the middle of lessons.

This additional money does not mean that books and pencils go by the wayside. Our world is changing, and our district needs to keep pace with it. Yes, we voted yes on a referendum a few years ago to build the beautiful new additions and schools our district needed for the ever-growing population. People want to move here; houses are being built wherever there is room. We live in an awesome community and have a school district to match.

This levy is a way to support our teachers and staff for learning and all of the tools needed to do that. Our kids are worth it — now and 10 years from now. We are voting yes.

Editor's note: This letter was paid for by "PLSAS Tech Yes."

Jessica Olstad

Prior Lake