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Is Trump a racist bigot? Is Biden a senile idiot? Election is coming. Who will get your vote?

Not that long ago we were subjected to endless diatribe about no one being above the law. Common sense dictates that a civilized society would impose just consequences on those who commit unlawful acts.

After the unfortunate passing of George Floyd, numerous cities in our nation experienced lawless destruction, looting, and violent rioting. Horrific damages in the billions of dollars devastated hundreds of businesses, many in minority communities. People are fearful for their safety. In Manhattan a 92-year-old woman was shoved to the ground. In our nation’s capitol diners are harassed in restaurants. While walking to their hotel, a U.S. Senator and his wife were accosted by an angry BLM mob. The riots abruptly, prematurely, and violently ended the lives of too many Americans.

Shamefully refusing to take action to stop the unlawful violence, our elected city and state officials surrendered to the mobs. Instead of protecting law abiding citizens they allowed free rein to raging criminals. These supposed leaders, cheered on by the complacent media, called this destructive rampage "mostly peaceful" and "a summer of love." A prominent member of Congress denied the brutal reality and referred to it as a "myth." Yet, not that long ago they loudly proclaimed that no one is above the law.

Mayors and governors abdicated their primary responsibility to keep law and order. By ordering police to stand down they emboldened the vandals and arsonists who toppled numerous historic monuments. But these same leaders had no problem shutting down businesses and mandating harsh restrictions on law abiding citizens, while releasing thousands of criminals to roam our streets and cause more chaos.

Our Declaration of Independence clearly states that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of our rights, people have the right to abolish it. It further tells us that it is our duty to to throw off an abusive government. The primary responsibility of the government is to provide for the safety of its citizens and their property, and to secure peoples’ rights. Our elected leaders abdicated their responsibilities. They miserably failed to protect our rights, leaving us duty bound to institute a government that will not shirk its responsibilities. Our chance is coming in November.

At the voting booth ask yourself what kind of America do you want? Do you want liberty or do you want to be ruled by powerful elites? Do you want law and order or continued destruction and chaos? Do you want safe streets or burning cities? Do you want to be a free and independent thinker or do you want to live in the ‘woke cancel culture’ and forever be afraid to speak your mind? Will you blindly continue to vote for your Party and career politicians who failed to keep their promises or will you put America first? Will your vote make the ruling class more powerful or will it help us keep our Republic?

Alexandra Matyja

Prior Lake 


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