Vape products

Flavored vape products sit on the shelf at Prior Lake Vape and Tobacco Inc. in January 2021.

The sale of flavored vaping products will be banned in Prior Lake beginning this summer when a newly-adopted ordinance takes full effect.

Prior Lake officials say the ban targets commercial products aimed specifically at children and teens.

The Prior Lake City Council voted 3-1 to adopt the ordinance during Monday’s meeting. Councilwoman Kim Churchill was absent.

“As a matter of public safety, we need guardrails,” Councilman Kevin Burkart said.

Councilman Zach Braid, who voted against the ban, said he’d prefer a more “stepped approach” to address the issue before jumping to a ban.

Removing the products from easily accessible storefronts, restricting products to 21-and-older stores and raising the licensing fees to pay for additional education were some of the measures he described.

“However, I am encouraged by any steps we are taking as a city to protect our youth moving forward,” Braid said.

The ordinance will take effect Aug. 15. The formal vote followed months of discussion and review surrounding the usage of vaping products among school-aged youth.

Eighty percent of youth e-cigarette users reported using flavored e-cigarettes, the National Youth Tobacco Survey reported last year.

“Our objective is not to ban them all, but to ban the options specifically targeted at youth, and that’s good public policy,” Burkart said.

Prior Lake’s flavor ban does not include tobacco and menthol flavors.