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The Prior Lake Police Department responded to and provided summaries for the following incidents July 14-28. The Prior Lake American doesn’t include a comprehensive list of calls to which the department responded. Incidents are included here based on severity, impact on public safety or other factors.

Those accused of crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


July 14: An individual reported she did not sign up for unemployment benefits, but someone had been taking them out in her name. Unknown who suspect was. She was advised a credit monitoring service would be appropriate and how to lock her credit.

July 21: An individual tried to pass four counterfeit $20 bills at a blackjack table at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. The bills were movie prop money and had “prop copy” printed on the back. When questioned the man said he didn’t know the bills were fake, that he would never try to use fake money at a casino and that he received the bills from a man nicknamed “murder.” The police report was sent to the county attorney’s office for review.


July 14: Someone from Austin, Texas reported the theft of their wallet from Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. The wallet was valued at approximately $350. Casino security could not substantiate what happened to the wallet. No suspect.

July 22: Report of a theft of a 12-volt boat battery from a residence in the 14000 block of Bluebird Trail. No suspects.

July 22: Reported theft of an iPhone 11 valued at $1,100 from Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. Video surveillance showed a male taking the phone from a table. Officer contacted the male. The male mistakenly took the phone and brought it back to the owner. No charges made.

July 23: Someone reported a hit-and-run crash at Ponds Park. The subject left a note on the car hit, but the phone number was for an individual in Wisconsin who had never been to Prior Lake.

July 24: A single motor vehicle crash was reported at the County Road 21 and Highway 13 roundabout. A male was headed northbound on 13 when he was cut off by an unknown SUV which caused him to lay his motorcycle down in the roundabout. The motorcycle had minor scratches and the male had a cut on his arm, but no ambulance was needed. Driver wanted the incident documented.

July 25: Someone reported a lime green bike, typically rented at the parks in St. Paul or Minneapolis, parked outside of a gas station on Mystic Lake Boulevard. The male with the bike was contacted and he said he received the bike from a friend. An officer took down the serial number and called the rental company. The bike had been reported as lost. The gas station then asked police to remove the male because he was asking customers for money. Officers transported him to another gas station.


July 15: As a male was attempting to put money into a slot machine at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, a female grabbed his arm and said she was reserving the machine for a friend. The male inserted money into the machine anyways and the female pushed the “cash out” button. The male grabbed the ticket and reinserted it when the female’s friend arrived. Both females then grabbed his arms. The male contacted security and said he was assaulted and felt threatened. The case was sent to the county attorney’s office for review.

July 17: An 18-year-old Prior Lake man was arrested and jailed for one count of disorderly conduct, three counts of assault and fifth-degree-fear of bodily harm or death for driving through Lakefront Park with a handgun. The male did not point the weapon at anyone, but several individuals stated their concern.


July 15: A 20-year-old Prior Lake resident hit an entrance sign at a residential community when attempting to make a last minute turn onto Belmont Avenue off of Marschall Road. It was a single-vehicle crash and no injuries were reported.

Drug information

July 18: Someone reported they saw a subject sniffing or snorting a substance in a car at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. Officers searched the persons and the vehicle and located nothing. One subject stated they were snorting their prescribed Adderall.


July 21: Report of a residential burglary in the 17000 block of Ridgewood Court. Three juvenile males, ages 15 and 16, stole freezies from a garage. The homeowner was notified by a motion sensor camera. Police showed the footage to other homeowners in the area who identified the juveniles as neighborhood children. Officer contacted the parent of one of the juveniles. The juvenile admitted to entering the garage in search of drinks. The victim did not want to press charges.

July 16: Report of burglary of $50 worth of coins from residence in the 3000 block of Basswood Circuit. Individual had a construction company working at their home and suspected someone from the company. Individual wanted the incident documented.


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