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The Prior Lake Police Department responded to and provided summaries for the following incidents June 16 through June 23. The Prior Lake American doesn’t include a comprehensive list of calls to which the department responded. Incidents are included here based on severity, impact on public safety or other factors.

Those accused of crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


June 20: A caller reported a black goat was loose on the 2900 block of Spring Lake Road, but officers didn’t find it.


June 16: A 74-year-old Eagan woman was cited for hit-and-run after a collision in the parking lot of Little Six Casino.


June 17: Police and an ambulance responded to a possible heroin overdose at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel.

June 18: A 27-year-old Shakopee man was cited for possession of hypodermic needles at Stemmer Ridge Road and Belmont Avenue.

June 18: A 39-year-old Cedar man was arrested at Little Six Casino in connection with felony fifth-degree methamphetamine possession, possession of narcotics in a jail facility and misdemeanor domestic assault.

June 18: Scott County is considering felony charges against a 28-year-old Utah woman after suspected methamphetamine was found in her lost wallet at Little Six Casino.


June 17: An 18-year-old Prior Lake man was arrested in connection with fourth-degree DWI and underage drinking with a blood alcohol concentration measured at 0.13.


June 19: Paramedics responded to a report of a 96-year-old man who fell and was experiencing a fever and other signs of COVID-19 on the 4000 block of Park Nicollet Avenue.

June 22: An 88-year-old woman at McKenna Crossing complaining of chest pain and difficulty breathing was transported to a hospital.


June 20: A resident of the 4600 block of Tower Street reported a neighbor spray painted a garage door and threw a rock through a window, causing about $250 in damage.

June 22: Mystic Lake Casino reported slot machines had been damaged back in February by a man who hasn’t paid for the damage.


June 16: A saw and other tools were reported stolen from a work truck on the 16900 block of Mushtown Road.

June 19: A 31-year-old Columbia Heights man was arrested in connection with motor vehicle theft and receiving stolen property after the vehicle was found at Mystic Lake Casino. In a separate case, a 36-year-old Minneapolis man was arrested in connection with felony receiving stolen property after an officer spotted a stolen moving van at Little Six Casino.

June 19: Scott County is considering charges against the suspect in the reported theft of $800 cash from a vehicle at Mystic Lake Casino.

June 20: Medications were reported stolen from a vehicle at Mystic Lake Casino.

June 21: Packages were reported stolen from the mail on the 5800 and 5900 blocks of Cedarwood Street.

June 21: A drill and other items were reported stolen from a vehicle parked in an open garage on the 5000 block of Trillium Cove.

June 21: A longboard worth $150 was reported stolen from a patio on the 4600 block of Tower Street.

June 22: A red buoy worth $150 was reported stolen from a channel along the 15300 block of Breezy Point Road.

June 23: A resident of the 16400 block of Park Avenue reported someone smashed the driver-side window of a truck and stole a handgun inside.


June 19: A 30-year-old Savage man was arrested on a felony Polk County warrant.


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