A truck fell through the ice near Sand Point Beach on Prior Lake Jan. 9.

A truck fell through the ice at Sand Point Beach on Prior Lake at approximately 10:08 a.m. Jan. 9.

No one was injured and the vehicle was promptly removed while law enforcement was still on the scene, Scott County Sheriff Luke Hennen said in an email.

According to a Prior Lake Association Facebook post, there are currently only five to seven inches of ice at the Sand Point Beach access and approximately 10 inches at the fisherman’s access. Most of lower Prior Lake had open water on Dec. 23.

“Ice is never 100% safe,” a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office said. “Please be extra careful if you choose to drive or walk on lakes and ponds. There are unsafe spots and significant differences in ice thickness right now. Many areas of thin ice on lakes are snow-covered. That makes the unsafe spots very difficult to detect and the current conditions even more dangerous for drivers and walkers.”

Ice thickness should be measured at least every 150 feet before walking on it. There must be at least four inches of solid, clear ice for safe walking, an ice safety reminder from the sheriff’s office states.

For more information on ice safety visit the Minnesota DNR Ice Safety webpage.