As of Aug. 1, a Family Resource Center will be open in the Jordan Area Food Shelf one day a week. The program is part of Scott County's push to provide families with support and end child abuse and neglect, according to a news release from Scott County Health & Human Services.

The Savage Police Department responded to and provided summaries for the following incidents July 19-26. The Savage Pacer doesn’t include a comprehensive list of calls to which the department responded. Incidents are included here based on severity, impact on public safety or other factors.

In today's Major League Baseball, finding three infielders on one side of the diamond is a regularity. Often times a third baseman is positioned where the shortstop generally would be. A 4-5-3 double play — second baseman to third baseman to first baseman — is a common scoring play.

Adam Roemer hoped his wife might not find out he snuck out at 7 a.m. on Mother's Day to play nine holes of golf. So when he hit a hole-in-one, he was hush-hush about it.

Do you have a stubborn streak? What is the thing that you will do, no matter the obstacle, that is so important to your character and well-being that you plan for it, make time for it, spend money and energy to get it, defy the odds and make it happen?

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