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The Savage Police Department responded to and provided summaries for the following incidents July 11-July 17. The Savage Pacer doesn’t include a comprehensive list of calls to which the department responded. Incidents are included here based on severity, impact on public safety or other factors.

The Great Seal of the United States bears the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum,” meaning “out of the many, one.” In 1776 it championed the union of the separate American colonies, a union severely tested during the War between the States. One may wonder if our union is as close to cracking apar…

Retirement offers a new lifestyle, daily schedule, and rhythm of activities. After two years, I find that I don’t just look, I see more things. I don’t just hear, I listen to more details. I’m discovering new plants, smelling new flowers, trying new recipes, and developing new friendships.

I was very disappointed to read that that Savage City Council decided not to pursue an ordinance to restrict the sale of flavored vaping and tobacco products, like so many other courageous city councils have done. ("Council decides not to pursue vaping product restrictions," June 25.)

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