A 62-unit apartment complex is proposed to be built on the northeast corner of Morgan Avenue South and Williams Drive in Burnsville.

Plans to build market-rate apartments on a vacant property in Burnsville moved ahead this month.

The proposal calls for a three-story, 62-unit apartment complex to be built on the northeast corner of Morgan Avenue South and Williams Drive.

Burnsville City Planner Sarah Madden said the development provides a transition between the commercial businesses along County Road 5 and the nearby single-family home neighborhoods.

The Burnsville Planning Commission voted unanimously Nov. 23 to recommend moving forward with the project. The city council is set to vote Dec. 8.

The development requires both a Comprehensive Plan amendment and zoning change.

The land is currently zoned for office, business and retail uses, so the apartments will require a zoning change to allow for high-density residential development.

Burnsville city planners say housing brings a new opportunity for the land after decades of failed commercial development.

Plans to build a shopping center in the area were approved in 1986, but the center was never constructed. The same occurred in 2003 when plans were approved to build a CVS Pharmacy.

In 2004, the retail center currently occupied by Subway, H&R Block and Taqueria La Hacienda was constructed. In 2007, plans were approved to build a 14,000 retail building on the remaining property, but once again, it wasn’t constructed. The same happened again in 2016 with plans for two smaller retail buildings.

The proposed apartment complex will offer studio, alcove, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units at market-rate.

Parking is proposed to include both enclosed, underground parking and a surface lot.

The property spans roughly two acres.