Aldi in Savage

The Aldi store in Savage at 5785 Egan Drive in the O’Connell Square mall will close permanently on Jan. 12.

Savage’s Aldi store on Egan Drive will permanently close Jan. 12 because the space isn’t flexible enough for expansion, the corporation announced today.

“After careful consideration, we’ve determined that this location does not give us the space or opportunity to continue meeting customers’ changing needs,” Matt Lilla, Aldi’s Faribault division vice president, said in a statement.

Lilla said no jobs will be lost in the closure; all employees will have the opportunity to transfer to nearby stores in Burnsvillle, Shakopee and Lakeville.

Nearby resident Chris Omodt took his daily walk to Adi on Thursday morning to find a sign on the door announcing the closure and the shelves already starting to empty out.

Someone carrying reusable bags on the walk to Aldi is a feature of the neighborhood, he said.

“It’s kind of a gathering place,” he said. “We like the fresh vegetables and fruits and pick it up as needed. The food quality is good, and prices are exceptional.”

Omodt said the store’s closure will bring about a lifestyle change for residents who have loyally shopped at Aldi for nearly 15 years. He said crossing County Road 42 to Hy-Vee won’t be the same as walking to their neighborhood store.

Omodt said he also worries about a domino effect of losing businesses in O’Connell Square and wonders what will replace the low-cost grocer.

“It’s going to be a hard thing to lose,” he said.

In January 2019, Aldi representatives wouldn’t confirm or deny rumors about the store closing, Savage Planning Manager Bryan Tucker said that city staff reviewed a basic sketch for possible expansion.

Tucker said designers determined that an expansion would require taking over other tenants’ spaces in the O’Connell Square mall.

Lilla said Aldi has an “aggressive plan” to remodel older stores and open hundreds of new locations across the country to focus on “fresh, healthy and convenient products.”