Savage Depot

The historic Savage Depot at 4800 West 123rd Street.

The restaurant inside the historic Savage Depot is changing ownership once again.

WOW! Thai Food owners Carl and Helen Anderson sold their business this month to Fernando Gadea Sanchez and Jorge Ariza Peralta, who currently own and operate Casa Deli in Hopkins.

Wow! Thai Food closed permanently Jan. 19.

On Tuesday, the Savage City Council approved terminating the Anderson’s lease and entering into a five-year lease agreement with the new restaurant owners.

During the meeting, Gadea Sanchez said they look forward to continuing to share the history of the Savage Depot.

At the depot, the two plan to offer Mexican-Thai fusion food with drive-thru offerings including tacos, burritos and quesadillas, according to a city agenda memo.

The menu at the new restaurant, La Estacion, will include some Wow! Thai Food recipes.

“The menu will be a combination of classic authentic Mexican food (not the “Tex Mex” we usually find in Minnesota) and Helen’s Thai Food,” the Andersons wrote in a Facebook post announcing their restaurant’s closure.

Helen Anderson will be teaching some of her “secret” recipes to the new owners over the next couple of weeks ahead of La Estacion’s opening in February, they added.

“Thank you again for your love and support these last few years,” they wrote. “We hope to see you at the Depot and around town!”

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