Savage resident Stephanie Fowler remembers the times she felt overwhelmed as a corporate executive and mother of four young children.

“I think I was really just searching for that little sense of control,” Fowler recalls.

The search led her to begin designing bags she thought were ideal for motherhood, work and travel.

In 2015, Fowler turned her designs into Austin Fowler, a growing brand with plans to soon expand beyond bags into other lines of accessories.

Today, Austin Fowler sells primarily handbags, crossbody bags and backpacks in rich colors, such as navy blue, olive green and maroon.

The bags are each designed to serve multiple purposes, according to Fowler. Designs include features such as cushioned pockets for laptops and easy cleaning for use as a diaper bag.

“We’ve gotten to the point now where our customers buy the entire collection and then they’re asking for more and more,” Fowler said.

Next month, the company is planning to branch out with the launch of a new accessories line. A new, limited edition collection is set to follow next year.

While the team currently works remotely, Fowler said they’re hoping to open a brick-and-mortar location next year.

For now, Austin Fowler bags are sold exclusively on the company’s website, where shoppers can also find motherhood tips, such as printable packing check-lists, and blog posts.

Fowler said she hopes her designs will continue empowering women by supporting a more organized lifestyle.

With a boost of confidence, “you are able to better contribute to what your unique purpose is,” she said.