The Savage Hy-Vee, 6150 Egan Drive.

Savage Hy-Vee shoppers may soon be able to pick-up their groceries without even walking into the store.

With little discussion, the Savage Planning Commission on Aug. 8 unanimously approved plans to add a drive-thru grocery pick-up building for Aisles Online, the company’s online ordering service.

The plans are scheduled to go before the Savage City Council for approval on Aug. 19.

“People who use this service will be using it constantly,” said Phil Hoey, Hy-Vee’s director of real estate.

The 960-square-foot building with three driving lanes is slated to be built on the southeast portion of the existing parking lot, absorbing 18 of the 541 parking stalls.

A box truck would deliver orders directly from a Hy-Vee fulfillment center, and the pick-up service will operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

“We are very confident it’s not going to overload or congest this area,” Hoey said.

Cars exiting the online pick-up area will be restricted to make a right turn onto Loftus Lane towards County Road 42. Traffic flow in and out of the main parking lot won’t be impacted.

“The nice part about this program is that we will schedule when the pick-ups are available, so we will control how much traffic happens and when it happens,” Hoey said.

Hy-Vee opened in Savage in 2017. The development includes a 98,000-square-foot-store with a Starbucks, restaurant, pharmacy, express care clinic and other services.


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