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The City of Savage is hosting a free shredding event for residents on Saturday, Sept. 5 from 9 a.m. to noon in the Savage Sports Center parking lot at Savage Community Park.

Residents are invited to bring the equivalent of up to two banker’s boxes full of personal and confidential documents and have them destroyed by a secure onsite shredding truck.

Barricades and signs will direct traffic and residents will not be required to leave their cars.

Team members from Veteran Shredding remove the items from vehicles.

Accepted items include white and colored paper, and folders. Staples, paper clips, and rubber bands do not have to be removed.

Unaccepted items include cardboard, tapes/CDs/DVDs, 3-ring binders, large binder clips, and medical waste.

Any questions may be directed to City Administrator Brad Larson at 952-882-2660 or


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