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Savage residents cast ballots Tuesday to choose their party's nominee for Minnesota Legislature general election races. 

Final primary election results won't be available until the end of the week, but Tuesday's early results likely represent the bulk of the votes the county will receive, according to Scott County Elections Administrator Julie Hanson.

State law allows mail-in ballots to be counted as long as they are postmarked by Tuesday and received by Thursday. 

Minnesota Senate 

Democratic voters put Lindsey Port in the lead to challenge longtime Republican incumbent Sen. Dan Hall in Senate District 56. 

The district represents residents in Savage, Burnsville and Lakeville.

Tuesday's preliminary vote count for the Senate District 56 race were reported as follows: 


  • Dan Hall, 100% with 2,936 votes


  • Lindsey Port, 66.48% with 4,255 votes
  • Kevin Shea, 27.69% with 1,772 votes
  • Richard Tucker, 5.83% with 373 votes 

Port is a nonprofit director in Burnsville. 

Minnesota House of Representatives 

Rep. Hunter Cantrell, DFL-Savage, isn't running to be re-elected to District 56A's seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. 

Instead, Cantrell's been campaigning for fellow Democrat Jessica Hanson. 

Preliminary results show Republican Pam Myhra will face Hanson in the general election. 

Tuesday's preliminary vote count for State Representative District 56A were reported as follows: 


  • Pam Myhra, 92.13% with 1,499 votes
  • Basil Martin, 7.87% with 128 votes


  • Jessica Hanson, 100% with 2,798 votes 

In 2010, Myhra represented Burnsville residents and one precinct of Savage residents in District 40A. In 2012, the lines were redrawn and the new district, 56A, shifted west to represent all of Savage and some of Burnsville.


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