The Ultra Lego Creators

The Ultra Lego Creators is a FIRST LEGO League robotics team founded in Savage in 2013.

A local robotics team will construct a permanent obstacle course along the trails at Hidden Valley Park this year. 

The obstacles featured will include a ride-the-plank seesaw for bikers, a "dancing with logs" balance course, a climbing net and a tire course. 

Savage Mayor Janet Williams said the course will be a great addition to Hidden Valley Park's rich history. 

The Ultra Lego Creators is a FIRST LEGO League robotics team founded in Savage in 2013. The team currently consists of eighth grade students Kiera Gadberry, Nikhil Kandi, Quincy Vicaire and Vineel Kandi. 

The FIRST LEGO League is an international competition for elementary and middle school students, according to the organization's website. Each year, teams are introduced to a new theme and tasked with identifying a problem and developing a research-based solution.  

This year's project aims to promote activity, creativity and play. 

"This year was kind of challenging for us because we usually meet always at city hall or the library and we really had nowhere to meet, so we spent the whole season outside," said project coach Annie Vicaire. 

The time outdoors inspired the course, which team members say will help local residents improve their balance, strength and problem solving skills. 

The Savage City Council approved the project on March 1. 

The team will fundraise approximately $6,600 for project materials, and the city will help with clearing the area and providing some wood chips. Any excess funds collected during fundraising will be provided to the city for future upkeep of the course. 

Once it's built, the city will inspect and maintain the equipment, according to Savage Public Works Director Greg Boatman. 

"This is a great idea, I'm very excited about it," Councilman Bob Coughlen said.