Gabriela Kroetch has filed to run in the upcoming November election for State Representative District 55A as a Republican candidate.

“Born and raised in Slovakia at the end of a four-decade-long communist rule, she and her family experienced immense injustices and hardships of government overreach. As a first-generation immigrant, Gabriela believes that being an American is a privilege she celebrates every day,” stated Kroetch’s May 25 announcement.

Kroetch, of Savage, has been married for 29 years to her husband Josh and they have two children. District 55A includes all of Savage and the northwest portion of Burnsville.

In her announcement, Kroetch stressed addressing inflation, school standards and crime.

“She wants Minnesotans to keep more of what they make, and she will work tirelessly against the government’s heavy hand in our lives,” the announcement stated. “Our government needs to be held accountable and Gabriela will strive to do just that while leaving a better Minnesota for our next generation.”

Kroetch’s campaign website is

Jess Hanson (DFL-Burnsville) has represented District 56A (now District 55A following recent redistricting) for one term and has also filed for the election.