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The City of Savage will be highlighting individuals, families, organizations and businesses in the community who are examples of “good neighbors” this month in honor of National Good Neighbor Day, the city announced.

Residents who’d like to contribute can submit nominations online at now through National Good Neighbor Day on Sept. 28.

“When people connect with their neighbors, we chip away at hate and division, and replace it with understanding, empathy, and concern for one another,” Emily Gunderson, the city’s communications manager, said in a statement. “We hope that by sharing these stories about good neighbors, it will inspire people to do similar things and realize, we are all in this together.”

“Good neighbor” stories will be featured on the city website, in upcoming city newsletters, and on social media @CityofSavage.

National Good Neighbor Day was first proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, however, the idea originally came from a woman in Montana in 1971, the city states. The day acknowledges and celebrates the importance of a good neighbor.


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